Bridge to Bricks is a leading buyer’s agent focussing on Sydney. Bridge to Bricks brings experience and specialist expertise to the property market, specializing in long-term wealth accumulation using the property as a vehicle. Founder John Comino is a Chartered Accountant and is based in Sydney, providing valuable insights and key information to clients, giving Bridge to Bricks that leading edge.

The team at Bridge to Bricks are active in the market 7 days per week.  Through Bridge to Bricks, you can get access to Sydney’s hidden “off market” gems – properties that are not advertised on the internet.

At Bridge to Bricks, we know that buying a property is time-consuming and stressful. That is why we make the search and buying process simple and hassle-free. We won’t stop until we have negotiated the best terms and the best price for you and guide you through the execution process all the way till settlement. We work for you! So let us help you select, negotiate and buy your next property.

Why Choose Bridge to Bricks?

You might be surprised to learn that most buyer’s agents are not themselves real estate investors.

Having invested through several cycles, we know that property markets do not always go up: property moves in cycles, but the key to succeeding is being able to create a portfolio large enough and resilient enough to grow across time.

Sophisticated property investing involves three ingredients:
       1) Good property selection;
       2) Leverage; and
       3) Time / Compounding

However, it is more complicated than that.
– Which areas perform best?
– What sort of layout appeals to tenants?
– Proximity to which amenities and transport options create the most value?
– Where is the population growth, and which areas are getting new infrastructure? Lastly what yield should I be getting, and how do I know if I have over-paid?

Sometimes the best option is to not invest at all. Who has the time to look for a property anyway?

As property investors ourselves, Bridge to Bricks can help you develop a property accumulation strategy that makes sense of these factors.

No cookie-cutter solutions, but rather “what is the right next to property” for you. Real estate is a very forgiving asset class, but bad asset selection can cost you years of lost time if you purchase just one poor-performing property.

At Bridge to Bricks, we do the research, and we have the industry contacts to ensure that you are building wealth with the lowest possible risk. So whether you are buying the dream home or an investment property, Bridge to Bricks can help you on your property path.

There is an old saying in property, that the best time to buy was 20 years ago, and the second-best time is now. So don’t try to pick the market.

Call John now for a free strategy session.

I’ve been looking to purchase my first place for a year and was having little luck with finding suitable apartments and failed at bidding at the number of auctions. John helped define my goals and buying criteria and focus my searches which led me to find a property I really liked. This time I didn’t want to lose so John did the bidding for me. John’s property advice and auction technique helped get me over the line of my first property. I’m very glad I went to him for help.


John Comino from Bridge to Bricks provided exceptional knowledge of the housing market and took the reins for searching and negotiating our next investment choice in Sydney. This was achieved based on detailed discussions with John to determine our future goals and deliver the right property choices for our current portfolio of properties. This was an unbiased and refreshing insight opening other options we hadn’t previously considered. I feel like we have passed the hump for more positive gains in the future. Thanks for that John!


When we first met John for strategy a session, we weren’t sure what to expect. We didn’t think he could tell us anything about the Sydney property market we didn’t already know. How wrong we were! John helped us clarify our goals and gave us the confidence to make the leap back into the market after more than a year of searching. We were so impressed, that we asked him to bid for us at auction and he won the property under reserve! We wouldn’t consider doing this again without John!


When we came to John, we were looking for a “unicorn” – a property that we didn’t think could be found, at least not in the short time frame we had. We had a long wish list, and were on a very tight deadline. John moved fast to bring us a number of options, both on market and off market. In the end, he found us an amazing property in time, and with all of the “nice to have” features were weren’t sure we could achieve. To be honest, the property exceeded all of our expectations. It seems that when you use the right buyer’s agents, unicorns do exist. We are definitely going to use Bridge to Bricks to find our next project site..


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