Full Service – Most popular

Our buyer’s agent service offer includes understanding your goals and finding the “right next property” for you.  Full service includes unlimited access to our expertise until we find the right property for you.  

Assess and Negotiate

You find the property, but Bridge to Bricks analyses and validates your decision with available research tools as well as our market knowledge.  We then negotiate the purchase, or attend the auction on your behalf, as required.

Auction Bidding

You may have found the perfect property yourself, but just need the fire-power of an experienced auction bidder on the day to boost your chance of success.

The Buyer’s Dilemma Package

Can not make a decision between two properties and would love a professional analysis done. The Buyer’s Dilemma Package include Physical Inspection and Comprehensive report comparing both properties.

Trusted Property Buyer’s Agent Sydney

With 20 years of experience, bridge to bricks is your trusted partner to help you build wealth through property. Fully independent with no hidden fees.

Bridge to Bricks is a full service Sydney property buyer’s agent, which means our team assists you in making sound financial decisions when it comes to purchasing property, whether it’s an investment or to live. We can help you find your dream home or the perfect investment property that caters to your financial needs, lifestyle and goals. At Bridge to Bricks we work to achieve the best outcome for our clients – you! So while a real estate agent is attempting to secure the best price for their client – the seller, we ensure that you’re getting real industry information from an agent that cares about your interests.

A property buyer’s agent is an experienced professional that stands in your corner and is able to assist you to devise a property acquisition strategy, research into the right suburbs that satisfy your requirements, find the right property and negotiate to get you the best price possible.

With over 20 years of experience, you can rest assured that Bridge to Bricks has the deep knowledge and experienced to help you build your wealth through property as an independent agent. Our no hidden fees policy means that the only surprises you’ll receive are the results are property investment agents are able to produce.

Bridge to Bricks offers three key services to our clients to get the most out of their property buying experience. These include:

  • Full service
  • Assess and Negotiate
  • Auction Bidding

The Full Service option is our most popular as it provides home buyers and property investors assistance with all aspects of the property buying experience. 

This includes unlimited access to expertise until our agents find the right property for you. We provide a short-list of suitable properties that are available and make recommendations on what the best option for you and your needs. The Full Service also provides an analysis of the area as well as price negotiation or auction bidding. For clients that have created their own short-list then the Asses and Negotiate service offers an analysis of your decision based on available research tools and industry knowledge, as well as price negotiation or auction attendance. Auction Bidding is an option for those clients that know exactly what they want and simply need someone to get the best price possible, so our agents attend the auction and bid on the client’s behalf to secure the lowest price given the auction.

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