Why use a Property buyer’s agent?

In a property negotiation, the seller has an advantage because they have a professional advocate working for them – the real estate agent.  The property buyer, on the other hand, is usually acting alone, sometimes with help from just friends and family.

Buying property is difficult and time consuming, and most people start but do not succeed on this journey.  The process for most people typically involves one-year of lost Saturdays, lots of stress, and finally a mediocre property to show for it.  And then they stop buying property altogether – game over.

A buyer’s agent is your advocate in the process.  We do the suburb research, we attend all of the open-for-inspections, and we do the negotiations.  And we only show you properties that advance you towards your goals.

Buyer’s agents also have access to off-market or pre-market deals that enriches your choices.

A good buyer’s agent will not show you every property.  It is the properties that they do not show you that makes you money.

Sophisticated property investing involves three ingredients:

  1. Good property selection;
  2. Leverage; and
  3. Time / Compounding

    However, it is more complicated than that.

    • Which areas perform best?
    • What sort of layout appeals to tenants?
    • Proximity to which amenities and transport options create the most value?
    • Where is the population growth, and which areas are getting new infrastructure?

Lastly what yield should I be getting, and how do I know if I have over-paid?  Sometimes the best option is to not buy at all.

Buyer’s agents in in the market seven days per week, and we know the answers to these questions.

No cookie-cutter solutions, but rather “what is the right next property” for you.

As property investors ourselves, Bridge to Bricks can help you develop a property accumulation strategy that makes sense of these factors.

Smart property buyers use buyer’s agents.  It’s a simple as that.

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